Mai Chau Hideaway - Bringing warmth to the hearts of Hightland Children this Spring

Ngày đăng: 03.02.2024

As Tet festivities and the vibrant spirit of spring unfold, Mai Chau Hideaway Resort's Board of Directors and staff organized a meaningful volunteer activity, bringing joy and excitement to students and families in need in Mai Châu. This initiative reflects the spirit of "mutual love and compassion" and contributes to making their spring warmer and happier.

Crossing the vast distances and rugged roads of the high mountains, Mai Chau Hideaway embarked on journeys filled with love, generously sharing:

At the Suoi Lon village school point, Mai Chau district: The organizing committee presented and gifted 20 Tet packages to underprivileged children, including practical learning supplies for them.

At Khan Ha village, Sơn Thuy commune, Mai Chau district: In collaboration with the Women's Union of the Northern Mountainous Region's Competitive Emulation Cluster, the team presented gifts to the family of Ms. Bùi Thị Khuyên, facing particularly difficult circumstances in the village.

With all the love sent from the Board of Directors and all the staff, along with the collaborative support from the teachers at the school and the local people, the children were truly happy to receive unexpected and meaningful Tet gifts from Mai Chau Hideaway. More than just a gift, this is the love that we aspire to bring to the little kids of the highlands. Amidst the lively applause and the wide-eyed expressions of surprise, it became apparent that happiness often springs from life's most ordinary and sincere moments. Happiness, after all, is found in the art of giving...

Through this program and future endeavors, our hope is to continue enriching the community with positive values, staying true to the fundamental principles that Mai Châu Hideaway steadfastly upholds.

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