Top 5 exciting outdoor activities at Mai Chau Hideaway

Ngày đăng: 20.11.2023

Mai Chau in the final days of the year is immersed in the white cherry blossoms and apricot trees, along with its sweet, poetic scenery. What could be more wonderful than leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city and immersing in the majestic nature of the Northwest? Join Mai Chau Hideaway to have moments of relaxation with your family and experience many thrilling activities!

1. Cycling tour to Gò Lào Waterfall

Leisurely cycling through the mountains and forests, where you can freely explore the nature of the Northwest and immerse yourself in the peaceful life of the highland communities with their picturesque scenery. Cycling not only allows visitors to exercise, release energy, and improve their health, but it is also a poetic experience that takes you to the untouched, tranquil beauty imbued with the highland culture of the Mai Chau people.

Cycling and wandering on the way to Go Lao waterfall

2. Cruising on Hoa Binh Lake

Cruising on the heart of Hoa Binh Lake is one of the favorite activities for guests at Mai Chau Hideaway. Departing from Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort, the Northwest exploration takes you on a scenic journey along the banks of the Da River, visiting iconic destinations such as Ngoi Hoa Bay, Bo Temple, lakeside caves, and Coconut Island - Xung Island. Let’s immerse yourself in the majestic landscapes and embrace the unique cultural heritage of the mountainous ethnic groups, you will have an unforgettable adventure.

Take a cruise around Hoa Binh lake

3. Enjoy kayaking at Mai Chau Hideaway

When you visit Mai Chau Hideaway, don't forget to soak in the crystal-clear waters, ride the gentle waves, and experience an enchanting kayaking session on the beautiful Hoa Binh Lake. Drifting along the water and starting a journey of exploring the heart of Hoa Binh Lake, you can admire the majestic Northwest mountain ranges. Kayaking is also an ideal team-building activity for groups of friends, families, or colleagues, creating cherished memories for your trip.

Kayaking to explore Northwest nature

4. Discover the Local Culture - Ethnic Dance Experience at the Resort

Exploring the villages in Mai Chau is a fascinating journey where visitors can learn and experience the diverse cultures of the local people. From the traditional stilt houses of the Muong and Thai ethnic groups, adorned with intricate details, to the authentic mountainous flavors of dishes like Pa Pinh Top, Bamboo Rice, and Can Wine, and the traditional costumes of each ethnic group, each aspect brings a unique and captivating charm to Mai Chau.

Every Saturday evening at Mai Chau Hideaway, guests can enjoy the lively rhythm of the Thai people through activities such as scarf dancing, fan dancing, hat dancing, circle dancing, and bamboo pole dancing, which are incredibly enticing and engaging.

Thai girls in traditional Quat dance

5. Explore the Vibrant Weekend Market of Pa Co

Pa Co Market is one of the bustling marketplaces of the H'Mong ethnic group in the Northwestern region of Vietnam. It is a hub for trading goods and a cultural meeting point, where people exchange artifacts. Pa Co's weekly market only takes place on Sundays, yet it is always lively and bustling with a wide variety of items for sale, including agricultural products, livestock, textiles, handicrafts, farming tools, household appliances, electronics, music discs, cosmetics,...

Visiting this market allows travelers to gain a deeper understanding of the highland people's way of life through their smiles, their friendly interactions and the rich cultural artifacts of each ethnic group.

Pa Co market every Sunday morning

 Visit Mai Chau Hideaway to embark on an exciting journey with unique activities. Enjoy complimentary bike rides, explore Hoa Binh Lake on a cruise, paddle through the waters on a kayak, immerse yourself in the local culture, and discover the vibrant Pa Co Market. Discover attractive resort deals at Mai Chau Hideaway during the Black Friday program, up to 55% off all rooms when booking directly on the website. Find out now!


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